Can't open drop down boxes... or find where to edit content

Hi there,

I can’t open the drop-down boxes e.g click on the orange crosses. There is content that drops down here… also can’t find where to edit the content help!

Hi @rosespotdigital,

This is because you have not assigned an Interaction to your hamburger menu.

The link below will help as you need to configure your menu as an accordion and when clicked do X;

Hope this helps.



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Hi Steve,

I have just re-published my site, I am referring to the 3 boxes under ‘certifications’ when you click on the orange ‘+’ the content drops down… however I cannot find where to edit this content… any ideas?

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Ah one second… the read-only link is not showing the drop down functionality… but it is in the designer… strange.

This is the template I am using… it seems to work fine here, and in the designer view. however, I still cannot find where to update the drop down paragraph… any ideas?

Your link is not working now. Please can you upload your read only link again?

Hmm very strange. It seems to be working. I am going to hold on this until I publish the website. Seems to be working fine, so will message back here if I have issues. Thanks for your help!