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Cannot view collection items in editor (ecommerce items)

New at this, please bear with me.
Everything still works in on the live webstore but the category template page viewed in the editor stopped showing images and text from ecommerce collection.

Website is:
Image of bug:
Preview Link: preview

Please help!

I can’t say for sure what the issue is, but someone on another thread had issues with images loading that got fixed by turning off lazy loading.

Without a preview link to click around in I can’t help much more.

Preview link added. It’s not lazy loading, changing that affects nothing. This only is seen in the editor and not on the live page

I managed to make it look closer to how it is intended to:

I did this by restructuring the collection element and removing the “product list div” container. This is the resulting structure:

I recommend restructuring your collection so that it is a bit cleaner. I can’t say for sure what the issue is with that container, but it might not even be necessary.

Thank you! getting rid of that container worked.
Not the best at this by any means. If there are tips to restructuring the collection please pass them along.

Thanks again,

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