!Urgent emergency - Weblfow plugin stopped working

Most of our website is now down because we depend on Webflow’s plugin for half of our website pages.

When I go to our plugin settings in Wordpress, it says “api failed, please publish your webflow website first”. I publish the webflow website and it does not fix the problem.

I generated a new api string - but this does not fix it either.
When I click on ‘support’ for the plugin, it just takes me to webflow support page - so I understand that webflow programmers created this plugin. How do I reach them. Is anyone else having this issue?

update 20 min later…

I tried deleting the webflow plugin & then reinstalling - still does not work.

When I click back on the ‘settings’ for webflow plugin after exiting the plugin settings & then going back to the plugin settings, I see this error message:

“Token removed due to invalid site data”

Does anyone know what this means & how to fix it?

Thank you so much for anyone that can help. I pay monthly for my webflow website & have emailed support, but it typically takes a day or more to get any response. I’m hoping someone will see my forum message & can help.

Thank you for anyone’s assistance with this!

It’s unfortunate that you are having an issue and the why could be for a number of reasons. There could be a compatibility issue with your hosting setup, an installed plugin, or an issue with your version of WordPress and that plugin. The pages plugin is old and does not appear to be maintained. Looks like abandonware.

Webflow does a poor job of communicating the status of this plugin and it looks like they hired a developer team to build it and they don’t maintain it. In your specific case I would make a strong suggestion to migrate those pages directly to WordPress. I have extensive WP experience so feel free to reach out if you need developer.

Thank you Jeff , I appreciate you taking time to respond as I still have not heard back from Webflow support.

Webflow features this on their webflow website as a working, supported plugin, so I hope their webflow plugin team can fix this issue - or let me know how I can fix it - as I see that other folks have the same exact error messages with this plugin.