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Cannot sort multi ref dynamic list on a collection template page

This may not be a bug - it may be my ignorance. But on a Dynamic List (in a Tab) on my home page I am given options to sort and filter the list:

But on a collections page the same Dynamic List does not have those options:

Why is that?


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Ok, I have discovered the difference - If a multi reference collection is put on a page it shows fine but the sort and filter options are not available.Is anyone aware of this bug? Anyone?

HI @Pulsar Could you please update your post with your read-only link & screenshots really help us to help you faster :slight_smile:

How to share a read-only link:

Also could you tell me what page and collection/dynamic list you’re trying to sort/order?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:

The sahre link is

The screen shots are in the post…what else did you want see a screen shot of?

Several collection pages - but look at Artists Collection page, the dynamic list is the artists films multi reference.


Hi @Pulsar great question!

At this time there is no way to sort the order of a multi-reference dynamic list that is on a collection template page. That would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow, and is something you could definitely post about on our Feedback/Wishlist category.

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