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Cannot "Open Menu" to edit text in dropdown accordion FAQ

I am one week into using Webflow. I am making my first FAQ using a clone of a drop-down menu. (The original is at

On the freshly cloned version, the dropdown and text works fine when I preview it.

As shown in my projects at:


— On the freshly cloned version (above) I cannot view or edit the dropdown content.

— I attempt this by selecting the dropdown menu/item/text in Navigator. The blue “wire frame” appears on screen showing the outline of thehidden content. Then I go to “Settings” -> “Open Menu” button has no effect.

— This is regardless of whether I am viewing in Desktop, tablet or mobile.


— When I paste the entire FAQ section from the clone into my new blank page, the dropdown content does not open at all. … View at:

— The elements are still present when viewed in the navigator.

— The “Open Menu” function (again) does not operate.

I have had the exact situation when attempting to import and clone two other accordion menus from the Webflow showcase.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Chris

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Hey @BendigoVICAustralia

See here how to edit the text >

Works for me >

Piter :webflow_heart: