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Cannot get Items API to work (ItemRef format)

I am trying to connect to Webflow API to create Items dynamically.

Everything is working properly but, when adding a new MultiRef field I cannot make it work.

I already have the IDs of each record I want to link, and I’ve tried the following formats:

“outputs”: [“id1”, “id2”]

“Outputs”: “id1,id2”

I cannot find anything on the documentation that points me to an answer.

Thank you in advance for your help,

I’m using

     "fields": {
      "name": "NAME",
      "slug": "SLUG",
      "_archived": false,
      "_draft": false,
      "MULTIREF-FIELD-NAME":[ "id1", "id2", "id3"]

Which works like a charm.

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Yup, that works! (Which is what I tried yesterday :sweat_smile:)
It seems I forgot to push changes on Webflow :laughing:


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