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Cannot create new entry for one particular Collection

Hi guys,

I found a bug today. Particular annoying one as all other Collections in my CMS works, but for a particular one, it just refuses to allow any creation. Upon entering all required details, when clicking Create Product, it says Error.

Other Collections works. I tested them. Please help on this.

Hi @alexanderwong

Sorry about that error. Can you send an email to with:

  • Environment info that you’re experiencing trouble on (include your exact browser version, device model, operating system version, etc)
  • your read-only link
  • a screenshot of what you see in your console when that error shows up.

We’ll be waiting for your email :smiley:


I have done so Nelson. Please let me know if you guys received it. Cheers.

Any updates on this guys? As I didn’t receive any email replies regarding confirmation of receiving my bug report.

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