Cannot change right margin for element

In my navigation, I am unable to remove right margin for navigation link for “tablet view” only.

Chrome (46)

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Thanks in advance for your help.

Published link is here:

Hi @speck, sorry for the late response to your post :-/

To get full width nav links on tablet view, when you open the drop down menu, do the following:

  1. Go to tablet view
  2. Select the navbar-link class when the menu is open.
  3. Assign 100% max-width

The default max-width on the nav-link element style at tablet view, with the menu in the open state, is set to 728px, so changing the width to 100% should help.

Thanks Dave. That worked like a charm.

Maybe this can be communicated in the editor? As it is now, the max-width shows as “none” But in reality there is a max-width set (like you mentioned).

Maybe you guys can look into ensuring that all styles are displayed if a default style (ie: max-width, width, etc.) is being explicitly set. I know I could use dev tools to find out an element’s style, but that defeats the purpose of having a visual editor (Webflow) with a styling panel.


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