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Nav bar menu button not fully floated right

Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys can help me with my nav bar. I used Webflow’s nav bar component and all is great. But the menu button is not fully floated to the right when resize the browser just below the desktop breakpoint. I tried to give the container a class and increased the max width, but didn’t work. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.

See my project here:

I did this by doing the following.

  1. Select the container element.
  2. Change the right padding to ‘0’

And voila!

Let me know if that helped.

Or, starting at the tablet portrait view, you could just change the max width value of the nav-bar-container element from 800 to 991 so that it fills the entire view for that device. Whilst set to 800 the menu will only float to right for that many pixels to the right…800, not 991. There is still that thing with right padding, but I think that was by design, and without it, may affect your other layout considerations, so I would probably keep that, unless you want to have less than your current right margin setting.

Cheers and hope that helps :smile:

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Thanks guys! I appreciate your help. Gonna try it out!

The Webflow community is awesome :smile: