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Cannot Add Link to a Slide

Hi, I have a Slider and each slide has been given a separate “Class” Slide 1, Slide 2, Slide 3 etc.
All I want to do is make the slide into a link so if it is clicked on it takes the user to a specified page.

The Problem: When I drag a “Link Block” into the slider and try to drag the Slide into the “Link Block” I get the following message

“Only a Slide can be moved inside a slider mask”

How do I get around this to add a link to my Slide?

Put the link block inside the slide:


No way to do the opposite - put slide inside link-block (This is the core structure of the slider). If you want to create full width/height link area:

  1. slide position should be relative (This is the deafult)
  2. Add link block inside slide X
  3. Change the height to 100% and width to 100%

Change link block position to absolute and top/right/bottom/left to 0 (overlay idea):

And of course no way to put the entire slider inside link block (You break the arrows, dots, swipe and so).