How to put a text in a linkblock

Hi All,

I see many blogs where the text is placed into the image in a linkblock. So I tried to insert a header in a linkblock where the image is placed. For one of the reason the header is placed above or under the image. I cannot insert it in de image.

Is it possible to fix this issue?

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Mohamed,

Usually when you can’t do this with the click and drag part of the designer, you have to use the NAVIGATOR on the right. AKA the layers panel on the right side. Click and drag your image OVER the link block and now your link block will be the parent.

If that doesn’t work you can simply set a background image for the link block. Alternatively you can have a DIV as a wrapper for your image, your link block and your text. Plenty of ways to achieve this.

Hope this helps pal.

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