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Cannot access webflow editor!

Hey guys i’m currently unable to access my webflow editor as well as my client on their end. Can you please help me rectify this problem asap. Here’s the read only link to my site. Thanks in advance.

Hi @DMack - Welcome.

Designer is loading from my intertubes (USA - OH). You said editor. Can you get to the designer?

Yes I can but once i click on editor the link gets broken and I cant access it.

So if you are logged out of the designer and you visit https://yourprojecturl?edit the editor login does not display or it does and you can’t login?

Try this first (maybe some chrome extension cause problems)


It just takes me to a broken page that says, “This site cant be reached, site took too long to respond”

@DMack What webdev is referring to is changing out the “yourprojecturl” with your actual URL. :wink: So for example,

I’ve also tried this but still doesn’t work. My client is also having problems accessing the editor from their end as well so I doubt its as extension in chrome. Sorry for the delayed reply because of the timer on the forum.

thank you for your clarification but that’s exactly what i did as well but still no luck.

@webdev @Siton_Systems, Hey guys i realized that my client did a domain redirect from an old site that they had and the site was published to a new custom domain. The site has not yet detected the newly added domain hence the problems with the broken links. Thank you guys so much for your assistance I’m hoping that after the new domain is detected by webflow that the problems will desist from occurring. If yuu guys have any recommendations for faster site use please let me know.

Hi, @DMack!

First off, thanks for posting about being unable to access your Editor.

I was able to take a look at your project, and we may have some DNS updates that we can complete:

Currently, the Editor is attempting to access your custom domain, but your custom domain is not yet connected.

Feel free to update your DNS records to match the values within your project’s dashboard

  • If SSL is ON in your Webflow settings, the Webflow A record values should be: &
  • If SSL is ON in your Webflow settings, the Webflow CNAME record values should be:

Afterward, propagation of your DNS changes will begin to connect your custom domain, and it can take a few hours (up to 48 hours).

Once propagation is complete - you should see that your custom domain is connected and you may republish your project.

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