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Canceling Subscriptions/ Existing sites

Here is my question-

I know that there are other threads that inform us on the answer, but they are outdated. I have a client I designed a website for on the upgraded plan because I needed more than 2 pages for his site. I do not plan on continuing web design, it just was not my cup of tea in the design world.

I do not want to keep paying for something I am never going to use/ very sparingly use through my career, I did export the code and he is placed it through his host.

What are my options? If I cancel does it still delete the extra pages I made on his end?

Not sure I understand your question. If your client already has an exported site that he is hosting somewhere what does it matter what happens to the project on your account? As for whether your pages will be deleted - no they won’t be deleted.

I guess I’m just wanting to know that if I cancel my subscription, his site wont be affected? Sorry, I’m completely new to all of this.

No but I believe you won’t be able to export it until the plan is re-purchased.

Thank you. It’s already been exported, so that’s good. I appreciate your feedback and expertise!



Good luck Breann! I still hope you will return some day! :wink: