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Can you have Multiple product variant fields?

Hello! Is it possible to have separate fields for each part of the variants?

For example, one field where you select your color.

The next field you select your length size.

The next field you select your width size.

Can this be done in Webflow E-Commerce? Right now with size+color variants, they only populate a long dropdown menu list. I would really like to set it up so you select each part one by one. Does that make sense?

Kind of like on Amazon, you select the color you want via a small thumbnail image or swatch, and then there’s a drop down to select your size.

Thank you!

Hi @mjcensullo, are you able to share a preview link so I can send you a video??

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Hi Carlos, yes of course! Sorry I didn’t include it at first, as it’s not entirely setup yet but I think you will be able to help.

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Hi @mjcensullo,

It seems like you need to create a color variant for all the products as well. Currently you have the color swatches as a property of the product, but not a variant.

Could you setup those options? This should help achieve what you’re looking for.

Hi @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo thanks for your reply!

I worked on this a bit more last night and I think I figured it out. Please view the “dRule Towel” product, as this one is fully built out with the variants. The collars are not done yet.

Right now, each variant set is showing its own dropdown selection menu, which is great and at least functional. Is there a way I could make the selection method visual, like the swatches? Or a little outline box with the size name in the middle like a box with “Small” in the center?