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I exported my CMS collection as a CSV file, downloaded the zip, and uploaded everything. The CSV data is not there. Where should I put the file and how do I access it?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I’m pretty upset I paid my money to export my site only to find out it doesn’t work and “support doesn’t cover this issue.” It says right on the website you can migrate to other platforms but there is NOTHING on how to do it.

A CSV is plain data. If you want to use that on an exported site you need to install a CMS and import that data into it. Which tool you choose is up to you. I don’t know your requirements so I can’t make a recommendation for you. You may want to look at Udesly as they have some options. Pinegrow is another. Exporting your site with a tool like wget can also work if everything is linked and public on your staging site.

That’s my whole question. How do I install the CMS? How do I import the data? Is this something I do in MySQL? Is it a matter of file structure? There is zero information on this process.

I’m really not interested in signing up for more websites and paying more subscription fees. I paid for Webflow. How do I make it work?

Dustin, Webflow CMS only runs on Webflow hosted projects (CMS or better). Same goes for the editor. Without Webflow hosting you don’t have one built in.

If you don’t want to host on Webflow then you could run anything you want. Webflow provides an export that includes the raw HTML with the exception of There are plenty of free and open-source CMS projects you could choose from. How to import CMS items and create templates would be specific to whatever you choose.

I like to use Statamic which is free for a single admin because no database is needed, and I can manage it via the admin panel or from a command line. Another choice I like is Processwire., a PHP / MySQL solution. That is two examples. A search in G will provide a seemingly endless list of plenty more.

I ended up going with Stacket.app

Had everything running including my contact form in under 5 minutes. I thought for sure I’d be recoding that form.

Webflow is an awesome editor. Not a fan of forcing you to host with them too though. You have to or you lose functionality. Jumping through hoops just to get the site I made up and running is ridiculous.

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Nope, that is not true. Made an extra post for that, explaining how you can run the Webflow CMS at Netlify or anywhere you like.

I consider running the CMS and displaying static copies of CMS pages on an exported site to be different.

All I know is my site works. I don’t really care about the technical stuff as long as it looks how I want.

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