Can you create multiple collection pages that connect to one CMS Collection

See the attached screen shot for reference—but essentially I’m wanting to make multiple CMS Collection pages that connect to 1 CMS Collection list. I should also note that each CMS collection page will be a different layout pulling different content from the CMS Collection list.

What I’m trying to do:
I’m trying to build review acquisition funnel for my clients . So that I can generate reviews for them (I will be managing this for each client so they will never see the CMS or be adding anything to this. It’s composed of the following parts below (also in the attached site map).

Funnel 1:

  • Landing Page: asks the customer if they had a good or bad experience with the business.
  • If the customer had a good experience and clicks Yes! then they see a page with direct links to exactly where they need to leave the review (google, Facebook etc.)

Funnel 2:

  • Service Recovery Form: If the customer clicks No. then we present the service recovery form.
  • Thank You/Confirmation: After the fill out the form they will go to thank you/confirmation with links to leave review on google, Facebook etc.

So my challenge is setting up the backend knowing that I will have multiple clients using this same funnel for their customers (I will be managing this for each client so they will never see the CMS or be adding anything to this). There are only 4 pages (landing, review, form and confirmation)—but there will be multiple clients that have unique images and links (each client will have their own logo, links and forms but the page designs are all the same)

The final product URLs would look something like this (but the URLS don’t have to be this—I’m more interested in creating separate funnels for each client)

Hopefully that makes more sense but I’m pretty stuck on how to make this work in Webflow. I thought this would be pretty straight forward to setup but now thinking maybe it’s not possible.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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The collection pages are always multiple. So for every item in your collection, Webflow creates a seperate collection page. The page always looks the same but the content is different.

What I don’t understand is funnel 2. What are the options here?