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Hi all - I’ve looked around for this but cannot finnd an answer. I have a collection list - great. This links to my individualk collection pages - great. However, I need more than one collection page (that uses the same assets)

I have a charities collection list . I click the ‘charity X’ link and it takes me to the X page. I then want a CTA on that page that takes me to another ‘Donation success’ page - still using the same data from the charity X collection.

Is this possible? Make sense, no sense…

Cheers, Christos

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No way (Yet). The relationship is 1 to 1 (Each collection could have one and only one collection page).

Anyway by if you could create diff content/layouts based on your data.

If you talk about “countries collection” I am inside /countries/France - and the user clicks contact us and under /contact page you want to show Hello France - this could be done only be cookies (Or maybe by some third-party plugin).

Okay, I see. Thanks for taking the time to respond :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you not have the confimation screen on the same collection page and hide it until the donation success trigger? Or in a modal or something?

Yep I can do that - there’s probably a number of ways I can fake it. Just wondered if it was possible through ‘proper’ method. If you create a button on a collection page, it gives you a dropdown to choose a collection page - but only offers you the ‘current’ one. Just seems weird…

I wouldn’t neccessarily call that faking it though.

The dropdown thing doesn’t sound right though? I can easily access other collection pages through a collection page (and filter out the current one) here.

If you have a preview link then we could help you out here.

Sure - probably not faking it. It’s more likely because i’m trying to shoehorn in the CMS. Maybe it’s not the right solution for what I want - essentially a template. Preview link:

It’s crude - but should give an idea. Thanks for the help.

You know - for the first time ever Ive looked at what exactly the ‘Editor’ functionality is. And I think this is what I’m looking for.

Though I’m not sure would cater for multiple versions at once.

Yeah you don’t need a CMS collection for the success pages (or even for the “donate” pages). The reason you’re only getting the “active” page is because you’ve split them up.

Instead of having a static page per charity, just have the charities listed up in a single collection containing the fields you need (like name of charity, URLs, images etc). Then style the collection template with elements from the collection fields. You’ll automatically get a nice page per charity that way - then add inn a modal or some hidden elements that pops up confirming the transaction in the template too and it’ll be for all of them.

Through the editor you can then add a new charity and it’ll get all the same things.