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Can you add a CMS template to a static page folder


I have a CMS collection, and its template page is password protected so to see any of the CMS pages, the user first must have provided a password.

I also created a static “index” page, where I present links to each of the CMS pages with some brief description. I would like this “index” page to be protected with the same password as the CMS pages.

I thought one way to do it could be to put the CMS collection template and the static index page in the same folder, and password-protect that folder but that does not seem to be possible.

Is there a way to protect a static page together with a CMS collection under a single password such that if the user has typed the correct password for either the static page or any CMS pages, then they won’t have to re-type it when viewing the static page or any of the CMS pages?

Since typing the password to view any of the CMS pages seem to be enough to view any other CMS page, it sounds like all that has to be done is to add the static index page to the same protection domain as the CMS pages, I just don’t know how to do it.

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edit: I guess an alternative would be to password protect the entire website, and then unprotect only a selected number of pages, but I am also not sure if that is possible.

edit2: my current approach is to make the index page password protected, and set the slug of each CMS item to a new randomly generated UUID every now and then but that’s kinda gross and also is not secure