Adding static and CMS template pages to one folder

Is there a way to add one static page and one CMS template page into the same directory?
As my intention is to set a password on the folder to cover all the content inside.
Folder: Patrols
Static: Patrol Roster
CMS: Patrol Teams

Or if this is not possible (which it seems it isn’t), is there any other way to create the hierarchy?

Here is my site Read-Only:
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So the answer is technically no. If you haven’t seen this wishlist item yet- slap on some votes.

However- functionally, you may be able to achieve the basics of what you’re looking for. In my past tests, if you set the same password on a folder and a page, then when a user logs in, the authentication cookie gives them access to all of the secure pages and folders on the site that share that same password.

Not long ago, Webflow added password protection for CMS pages as well, so you may be able to “secure” both your static and CMS pages with the same password, and only require one login.

All of that may have changed since my last tests, so try it first.

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Thanks for taking the time to share, much appreciated.