Can we get rid of Cloudfront? EU GDPR problem

Is there an option planned to download all the javascript and host locally instead of the cloudfare servers? We are an agency sitting in Germany, and we received already couple of complaints from our customers because of this. At the moment this is not GDPR compliant and we are taking a risk every time building websites for our customers with webflow.

No, the only way to solve this, is to export the code and modify it manually

@lacibacsi - Webflow is not using Cloudflare, where is that entering your build?

Srry, that was a project where we included custom code for text effects, that is why the Cloudfare linking happened.
Nevertheless when a website is hosted through Webflow, java and media is served through Cloudfront. Does that happening through the EU Amazon Servers?

I mean most of the relevant Wordpress Templates and Plugins offer a toggle switch where you can host google fonts or java locally instead of US CDNs.

Is there something like that planned for Webflow?