Disable third party scripts in exported code for GDPR

Due to GDPR regulations in Europe I have to export the code and host it on my clients server.
Now they analysed the webflow code and found some integrated third party scripts:

I can host the google fonts locally. But what is cloudfront, uploads-ssl.webflow.com & ajax.googleapis.com? I have hosted all the content on the client server together with the exported code…

Hope someone could explain this to me. I’m pretty helpless at this stage :pensive:

cloudfront is the cdn where jquery is hosted, upload-ssl.webflow.com is the cdn where some of your assets are hosted and ajax.googleapis is the script that loads the google fonts, probably you’ve left something somewhere

thanks pietro! do you see a solution to stop the cdn connections?
I hope the code would work without cloudfront and upload-ssl.webflow.com

You have to manually download the assets and replace the links