GDPR in Germany has tightened again in day-today operations

Here in Germany it currently becomes legally risky to host any website outside the EU, because even with the first request to the landing page the IP (per definition a personal information) is transferred outside the European Union without user consent.

How can I host a webflow website in the EU?

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Re-hosting your Webflow site only solves part of the problem. The HTML and CSS would be on the server you host it on in the EU, but Fonts would come from Google Fonts, as would your Analytics, your Re-Captcas, your Tag Manager, etc. Scripts like jQuery might be coming from a CDN outside of the EU. You see the problem.

In fact with the cloud and CDNs it’s very difficult to guess where your packets go, where web-client IP’s would be sent, and where your content would be served from. How do you contain a cloud?

I think if I were doing any German-client sites at the moment, the solution might be to investigate some sort of EU-based proxy service. Your domain, e.g. would point to the proxy. The proxy scripts would identify IPs originating within Germany, and give them a consent challenge page, containing only EU-sourced content. When consent is given, you’d log them, and give them a cookie or track their IP for passage. That “ticket” would allow that user to do normal site access through the proxy, to wherever.

With this approach, and some coding, you could probably keep the site hosted on Webflow, complete with CMS, editor, etc, and all the features like Google Fonts and analytics - and you’d still be GDPR compliant.

I’ve gotta say, it sucks when non-techies try to legislate tech. But it does make for some interesting problems to solve. Keep us posted.

In case it helps…