Can the CMS be exported or do I need to pay for CMS hosting?

Hello! I’m really happy about the CMS that webflow finally developed, i’m going to study it all in next weeks. But i have a question. For use the Webflow CMS, do i need to host the site with webflow cms hosting plans?(10$ at month, really cheap, but sometimes clients can’t get it), or i can host somewhere else and still use the CMS?
So the question is : i have to pay an Extra for using the CMS, or i can use it with code exportation? Thank you in advance! And keep going. I really love Webflow!


Hey @mrpennisi

I changed the title of your topic:

From “CMS - A (maybe) stupid question”
To “Can the CMS be exported or do I need to pay for CMS hosting?”

This way the community can find the question and the answer easier through the search function and scanning the feed. Also there are no stupid questions here. :smile:

To answer your question the CMS is not yet exportable but I think the Webflow team is exploring the idea. You can add your support for the idea in this thread.

You can use the CMS features on your plan for free and host it on a Webflow sub-domain for example.

If you want to connect a custom domain to your site or invite a content editor (your client) that will require a CMS hosting plan.

You can read this for more information.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your reply! And thank you for changing the name too. IT’s better now for the community! A huge thumb up for webflow!=)

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