Can someone help me recreate a section on my site? I have no idea how it was done

Im a new user of webflow, and i have a project i took over for company i work for.

Project was originally done by someone else, and couple of people before me try to do some stuff and made a big mess. I cleaned the project best i could, and the site is now published.

There is a section on this site im trying to recreate in anther project related to the first one, and im having troubles understanding how it was done so i can adapt the same tehnique to our new site and make something simmilar.

Im trying to recreate the section called "ProductsWhiteSection", more precicley the "BMW, KFC, etc. " animations activated by hover function and i have issues with where to start. I need to use another image with different green bounding box, so just copying and pasting isnt an option. I need to understand how to do it :). Problem is as there are 6 different images, one of those as a gif or a video.

As i understand there are basicly just 2 images on top of each other, with image on top (green bounding box) being animated when you hover over it. I need to understand the process fully and recreate it with differend images. Designing the material isnt a problem for me as im a graphic designer by craft. Can anyone with more experience help me with this?

Read link:


Update: Solved!


I can help if you haven’t finished yet. Take care.