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Need help figuring out the best way to rebuild a section of my website

Hey guys,

I’m rebuilding one of our properties in webflow, the original template used Bootstrap and is REALLY bloated code wise. I didn’t code it, but they’re happy with it. Already I can see HUGE improvements porting this over to Webflow were it’s only using what’s needed instead of the entire framework.

Here’s the original site and the rebuild is here. Really the ONLY issue I’m running across is the room blocks. I’m not exactly sure how this should be laid out. I initially tried 3 columns and the moved it to 2 columns with another 2 columns embedded but it’s not resizing right. Anyone have any suggestions how I can tackle this? I just started using webflow on Sunday. Gotta say I love the cut down on debugging code. So far no complaints… well except this, but this is more annoying than a complaint.

Thanks. :smile:

NM I got it figured it out. Webflow definitely needs some more breakpoints.

I couldn’t get what you needed… still need help?

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Well I fixed the 1 issue with the boxes resizing correctly, now I’m having an issue getting the roll overs to work properly. On the 4 “hero” images on the right hand side. I’m assuming you have to use the trigger animations but I am really struggling figuring out how to do that.

And figured it out

:slight_smile: Sorry