Can not reset Client billing account (bug?)


I have an issue with the client billing tool.
I had to switcht from a swiss credit card to a german one.
I would like to change my billing account so that Webflow transfer the hosting money into my german account instead of the old swiss one.

The problem:
There is apparently no way for me to change the country and add the new informations as it seems my account has “already been verified” …

My question:
How do I reset my “verification” or how can i do it over again but with my german infos instead of my swiss credit card (I am still a swiss citizen and have a swiss passport, but I now live in Germany.)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey Anthony — this may be a better question to ask the Support team directly. They may be out today due to the holiday, but I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon and get you taken care of!

thanks @mattvaru !

Yes I know, I did reply to an email I got from the awesome support team 3 days ago but still didn’t got any reply. It normaly doesn’t matter so much to wait for an answer but because I need to cancel my swiss account I’m kind of stressed out and lost not knowing what to do… I thought someone might have had an idea here :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for support then, they probably must be overwhelmed too.
Thanks for getting back to me though, appreciate!

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Ah, gotcha! Maybe @jorn or @cyberdave can assist?

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Answered your ticket @anthonysalamin

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Thank you once again for getting back to me !

However, how does one “cancel an account and set a new one” while having clients ? Not being able to edit / modify a billing account and re-verify while still conserving clients can’t be true, is it ?

Am I really going to loose all my clients because I decided to leave Switzerland to live in Germany and therefore need to cancel my webflow account only to update my client billing info ? I understand financial transactions need to be secured and verified, but Webflow needs to allow us to update our personal informations without having to cancel everything out and start new again, wouldn’t you guys agree ?

If I’m closing my account so will all website I worked on ! People (clients) rely on us, I can’t afford to take their website down, that would be the end - for any freelancer.

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Hello dear all,

Would there be a way, for me to take over the hosting responsability of my five client’s website without having to take those websites down so that I can delete all the five client billing accounts already setup to then reset my own billing account - with my new bank account informations ?

It seems I need to delete all client billing before I can reset my billing account. Certainly not the process ever but is what it is and I am willing to go into the stuggle to get it done since there is no other alternative.

However, I need to make sure my client’s website won’t be down while I take over their hosting responsability until my new billing account is verified. Almost all of my client’s billling cycle will end in two weeks, so I still have to weeks to take over and get my account verified.

Once my new billing account is verified, I could then again create those five client’s billing and send them their respective payment link so that they can take over the hosting again.

Does that make sense ?
@jorn, @Brando @cyberdave

Thank you so much !

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