Client Billing can not be delete | can't bill clients anymore

Hello all,

I am having an embarrassing Client Billing issue.

Since I recently changed country, I had to change my bank account as well. From Switzerland, I am now living in Germany.

The friendly support team told me I needed to cancel all my clients billing setup and delete my own billing account so that I could setup a fresh new billing account with my new bank account information… only then could I create, again, all my clients billing and send them the payment link, again.

I deleted all clients billing and took over the hosting of all the sites myself.
In its kindness, the support team provided me some credit which I am thankful for.

Unfortunately, I have been told the process of deleting my old client billing, from the support team side, failed (!) I have, alas, no further communication except that it failed which leaves me now supporting all my client’s website myself without being able to bill them and soon will the credit the support team offered me be gone :flushed:

I am not asking for custom code help, it is a billing issue that requires priority support. This type of issue really is a killer for any freelancer out there, which represent most of us, here in this amazing community :heart:

@cyberdave @Brando @jorn @PixelGeek

Has anyone had a similar issue before ?
How did you solve it ?
Should I be contacting stripe support ?
Is there anything I can help with ?

Thank you for any advice, direction, support.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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