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Can not Copy between 2 projects


Thanks so much. I finally understand. That fixed the issue!!! However, now I’m running into the issue of not being able to copy it and put it in my project. I had duplicated the project in my account and moved on while I was waiting for a resolution to this issue. I have since transferred the main project to the client (I have the login info.) I made the changes and then copied the entire section like I have done other times. I went to my clients account and try to paste it. If I try to using my mouse the paste command is grayed out. If I do Ctrl+V, I get an error message saying (please see photo below for error message). I have filled out and sent it but I’m not sure how long that will take. Any suggestions?

Thank you

Link where video section is sitting:

Link to main project:

Alright!!! Happy to hear :smiley:

Transfer the project with the solution to the client, and then you will be able to have them both opened and copy paste between them.

I know right. Thanks so much with that.

However, I have already transferred the project to the client and still I get the error message mentioned before. It will not allow me to paste.

maybe you can do a video screen capture and re-create the error?

Sure. See link below.

Video link:

Link for project where video section is:

Link for published website where I am trying to paste it into:

Published site:

Ok, 2 things:

  1. Since we’re now off topic, I will split this post into 2 relevant posts.
  2. Can you try having 2 webflow tabs open at the same time, one for each project, and then copy-paste between them?
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Ok. Thank you.

Here goes the new video.

@Waldo @mistercreate for the rescue?

Hi, @katvazquez!

I’m taking a look at this issue now! As soon as I learn more I’ll let you know!


Hi, @katvazquez!

I did some more investigating and I was also able to see this odd behavior on my end.

I have notified the team so they could work on pushing out a fix for this.

I can’t provide a timeline for when a fix will be available, but someone from the team will reach back out and post here as soon as we know more.

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Hello @katvazquez :wave:

The issue with the copy and paste is down to the background video element you have in your section called 100vh . The issue of cross site copy and pasting background videos is known to our team.

A workaround in the short term is to remove the background video from your element before copy and pasting to prevent the crash.

Thank you for taking the time to report the issue and once we have a fix I will post back here to let you know.

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