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Can I submit the same blog content on different blog posting sites?

i have one article, can i post this to multiple web 2.0 website for creating backlinks ?

No, not really, not for SEO purposes. Google hates duplicate content. It doesn’t know which one is the one to reference and has to make a choice. Your pages can be penalized for that, and you’re not going to gain backlink juice.

You can, however, have duplicate content without being penalized, by declaring which one is the reference, using the Rel=“canonical” attribute. I doubt that you’re multiplying the SEO juice here as well.

Duplicated content and SEO is a real important issue, you should google it and read about it. It’s not always for when you voluntarily duplicate the content yourself, it’s also how it can happen because of technicalities, like different URLs for the same content.

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This duplicate content posting concept is for web 2.0 only or it is also for Article submission , blog posting ?

For everything.

(I don’t know what you’re calling web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a manner of talking about the applicative part of the web, the emergence of complex applications vs. purely static or informational websites. Web 2.0 sites, in general, are the ones using a user system and proposing custom, creation and management features. A CMS site isn’t necessarily falling into the web 2.0 box. For example a news site isn’t web 2.0, but a news site where you can have a profile, favorite articles, comment, interact, is web 2.0. It starts to be an obsolete term as quite anything can be viewed as web 2.0, and a lot of things are beyond that (Facebook, twitter…)

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Thank you vincent for clearing my doubt.

Yes, you can create backlinks for a particular blog on different social bookmarking and posting website. But you have to make sure that you don’t copy the whole blog’s content otherwise it will be treated as duplicate content by Google bots.

You can create a new content with 20-50 words with the reference of the original blog you want to target and then post them without worrying about duplicacy.

No you cannot post same blog on different blog site. You cannot do SEO after that. It count as a duplicate for google. It’s difficult to decide which link should promoted.