Multiple pages with similar content - will Google punish me for this?

I’m in the process of creating a site for myself that has multiple pages with similar, but slightly different content on each. For context, I’m a photographer who shoots in several different genres, and I’m creating a single page for each genre I photograph, all under one domain. But, a lot of that content is similar from page to page and genre to genre. (I.e. FAQs, about section, etc.)

Could this be problematic in Google’s eyes? Or am I worrying over nothing?

Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to share!

Anyone have any advice regarding this?

I’m not a SEO expert but “content with the same structure” isn’t on my list of things not to do. Actually, that’s what all the CMS do: content with the same structure.

It may be the opposite: engines like content that’s predictable. If you manage your content well, if you optimize it the right way, your FAQ can even be pushed in “position zero” on google search results (that’s when you type a question and the answer is extracted from a website and presented at the top of the results).

You should read @jmw’s blog, especially this list of posts:

Also this one:

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Hi @vincent! Thanks for your response and the links!

I guess what I’m most concerned about is content that is, at times, word-for-word duplicated.

For instance, my FAQs on one page might be 90% the same as FAQs listed on another page. Would that be problematic in Google’s eyes?

I guess I’m nervous because I see posts in the forum here occasionally wondering about duplicate content and a subsequent hit to SEO because of that, but maybe that’s referencing duplicate content between two different domains as opposed to pages. ??

Thank you!

If you have X pages almost the same (about-me and about and “who-i-am”) its better to tell google who is the canonical rel

canonical = main/primary

Anyway start “natural” and if you get penalty try to solve this (Work with google search console).

If you have 12-13 Faqs(with a lot of text) in all of your pages you could get penalty - but again in “all” (Only on X pages - it should be OK)

Also add main tag (Semantic) - so if the “main” is change its signal that the primary content is not duplicate