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Can I remove redirect chain (http and backslash)?

Hi, I have published a site that used to exist on a different platform, that is generating some redirects automatically, that are additional to the ones I manually created. I’ve identified 3 different but similar issues. A lot of these seem unnecessary or redundant. Is there a way to remove or bypass them?

This is happening on multiple URLs, I only copied a few examples below.

Issue 1: http://old-url > https://www.old-url >
http to old https to new
I’m redirecting from /shop/about.html to /sobre-nosotros . Webflow is adding a middle step that is unnecessary, can I remove this?

My webflow redirect:

Issue 2: http://old-url/ > https://www.old-url/ > >
http to old https with slash, to same without slash, to new

My webflow redirect:

We just need this to go to the homepage, and skip the 2 middle redirects.

Issue 3: https://old-url/ > https://old-url > https://new-url
https with slash to same without slash to new

My webflow redirect:

Might some of the initial redirects be applied somewhere else?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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One note, there was an example I didn’t mention, that seems to have resolved on its own: went to went to

Now it just goes from point A to point C, with no middle step, which is great.

I have the same problem as “issue 3”. Any luck fixing it?

I added a feature request to solve “issue 3”: If a manual redirect has been added, ignore the | Webflow Wishlist