Can I layer an image over a slider?


I’ve got a slider at the top of my page, but I’d like to layer a stationary logo image in the top left corner where the black box is on this screenshot (black box was placed in photoshop) that goes over the orange element, as well as the image below. Is that possible?

Thank you,


Hi @mhyusi

Yes this is nice and simple to achieve with the settings in the attached screenshot (change your pixel size to suit). That will keep the logo in the same place even when scrolling down to other sections. However, you could also just have it in the top section and use ‘Absolute’ instead of ‘Fixed’.

There’s a great tutorial covering positioning here: Position | Webflow University

Absolute - in relation to the parent element
Fixed - in relation to the viewport

Hope that helps…

Thank you for the info, and it’s close, but please see the attachments and you’ll see the issue I’m having. The logo is still showing up behind the slider.

Thank you for any help, really appreciate it.


Hi @mhyusi

That maybe to do with z-indexing which helps determine which layers or elements in a site sit in front of each other.

If you have used z-indexing anywhere make sure this logo image has a higher z-index number than the others.

If still no joy - let us know your share link so we can take a look at the site in read-only and dig deeper into the styling/settings to help you out.


Thank you, I’ll give it a shot.