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Image Layering across sections

In my header I have a “Section”, “Container”, and an “Image”. The Next section below my header contains a “Slider.” The issues is I am unable to get the image from the header to overlap the slider from the next section. The image will overlap on top of the slider images if the image is placed in the slider itself. However it will not overlap the section and container above. I hope you understand my goal. Please advise. Basically the image is a logo and I want it to always stay on top when using the absolute positioning. Which it does, but not for the slider?

Thank you so much for helping.

The Preview Link is below. Just trying to get the logo to overlap the the sliderbox just a little bit for that professional touch.

Screenshots, site URL, share/preview link, etc., otherwise you’ll likely not get much advice.

Based on your description, play with absolute positioning of your image and the z-index of both header and section in question.


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