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Overlay a logo over first slider image only? SOLVED


Edit: placed the image in the hierachy above the image I wanted it to appear above, changed the position to fixed, and the opaque block that formed behind the logo disappeared, then, using the fixed dimensions, I moved the top margin down, hooray! fixed

Navigator panel:

Style’s Panel:

Not sure if this post should be deleted or not.

Original Post:
Like the title says I’m trying to place a logo over the first slider image, my reason for doing that, and not simply creating a slider image with that logo, is so that logo will be able to be hidden on breakpoints smaller than desktop.

But when i add in a div block, and then add in the logo, the div block fill up with a white background (to the same dimensions of the logo), and pushes the main image (which I’d like to act as a background) down, I’m able to scootch the image off it of the div block using the relative dimension settings but that doesn’t help the opaque div block issue or the div block taking up the top of the slide image. I’ve looked up OVERLAY on the forums and courses but haven’t found anything that would help.

I took the image out of the div block and removed the div block, but the results are the same.