Can I hold my account for later usage?

Hello, I’ve bought 1 year personal account but I finished my work in 2 months so I want to hold it for later 1 month has gone too so is that possible ? please help me thanks.

With this kind of question you can contact directly to

I guess you are asking to “pause” your account.

It works like this:

a buyer purchases a 1 year subscription.
Buyer uses uses two and 3/4months of the subscription

Since the account is “use it or lose it”… You decide to lose the remaining 1/4 month… And pause the account.

(You could’ve used the account for another 1/4 month before the pause action).

After 5 months, buyer comes back and reactivates the account
And still has 9 months remaining.

We actually provide that feature on a product we own.

The feature is used quite a bit. Our users tend to buy the product. Use it for a while. No longer immediately need it. Go away for a while. Then come back at a later date when they again need the product.

I don’t think that feature is available on webflow

  • But I think quite a few people would use it.

Maybe even provide a pause account feature for a fee.

I.e.: pause the account for $10… Reactivate it whenever you want.

Like… When you get a new project to work on.

It’s hard to get a customer to open their wallet.

Once they’ve opened it… It’s easier to open it a 2nd time.

This would be another reason for someone to pay for webflow.

I think that would be a great selling point for webflow.


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