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Anyway to bring a form field input into HTML page name? [ ]

Wondering if this is possible? This is more of a personal hack I’ve done as I’m one of those users who has too many chrome tabs syndrome. So my Job to be done here is to find a better way for me to manage all the windows I have open, multiple client projects and such.

What I’ve already done is…

  1. Created a webflow page with a form input / large letters which I drag to the far left of my chrome window so I can ‘anchor’ what these tabs are associated with / usually a client project where I may have multiple tabs such as evernote, trello, inVision, webflow, research links and such

Why I did this, whenever I’m going to leave a tab -or- its parent window (which can hold many tabs) I’ll anchor it to the first tab which is this big large text letting me know what windows I have open.
Sadly - the page name is Hard Coded to “projectName for Chrome” - this is where I’d love for #2 below to come in handy.

With some sort of .JS I’m guessing can I

  1. Pull this form field text input into the page Name so that its easier to browse thru and find
    So I’m wanting it to go from ‘projectName for Chrome’ to ‘client:Project_Name’ if you get what I mean.

I’ll add this images if it helps. Also the ALT tab window would be amazing with this .js form text field name populating in it.

p.s I don’t mind its a local file, if needed I could throw it on my server if it needs to run some sort of script to get the end result I’m looking for.


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