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Can I collect form submissions on the "Lite" Account Plan?

I’m on the “Lite” Account plan, but I do not see any form submissions on the Form/Settings page, not did I receive an email notification.

Will this plan allow me to receive form submissions, or will I need to add a Site plan?

I am testing Forms because I am building a site for a client.

I was able to figure out my problem.

The answer to the topic question is Yes, you are able to create and collect form submissions while on the “Lite” Account Plan.

Initially, I had built a form from scratch, but the form was not submitting my results. The reason was because of the type of “Button” element that I chose. In the Elements panel, I used the “Button” element under the “Basic” section. This type of button is just a link, but it is styled to look like a button.

Instead, for form submissions, you should use the “Form Button” element under the “Forms” section of the Elements panel. This button is an input field with the attribute type="submit", which is required to submit forms in HTML.

Easy mistake to make, but problem solved!

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Thanks for sharing how you resolved your issue. Helps others.

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I am wondering about this as well. I am on the Starter plan (for now) and would like the end users of my site to be able to submit from the front end website (not the backend designer environment).

Does Webflow have a feature that creates a front end form automatically for a collection? I see the back end form, but when I go to the collection page on the site - there is no way for an end user to submit a new collection entry.

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