Where are "Contact Us Form" Submissions Going?

Hello, Everyone!

So, I had a paid account for a couple months while I got my website built and tested. After the final export, I turn-of auto renew and eventual my paid account was closed. But now I no longer receive emails from the forms on the “Contact” page. They use to come from webflow.io, so I’m guessing since my account was closed, the emails aren’t being forwarded by webflow anymore. How can I fix this without getting a paid account again?

Here’s my website if that helps: www.inkedforpeace.org


Oh, also! Are there form submissions in a queue somewhere on webflow? I don’t want to miss any customer emails.


Hey @dniolet I just did a quick search on the Webflow Help pages and found a walk thru about forms and form settings (don’t worry, form submissions are all stored in Webflow within your site settings under the form tab): http://help.webflow.com/elements/forms

Please let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Thanks! That is very helpful. I should have looked there… Mah baaaad.

I see there are ten submissions under the forms tab for my website, but I can’t tell if webflow is only showing me ten or if I only have ten total. It says “Inked for Peace has 10 entries,” but I know I’ve done a few test submissions and they aren’t listed, so I should have more than ten… This is kind of a grimy trick if I have to upgrade for a month to get the other submissions. I would have made the needed changes to export forms sooner if I had know how this works…

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