Can I add a hidden folder and file?

I have built an iOS app which is available on the App Store. I am implementing something called Universal Links from Apple and need to be able to refer to a folder and file on my website’s backend.

I have a personal website with Webflow which I use to link to the Terms and Conditions for the app but really don’t know anything about web frontend development or site deployment - that’s why I used Webflow (which I love BTW).

Instead of building a whole new site and implementing why own backend, it would just be so much easier if I could add a folder and file to Webflow which could be the reference needed for Universal Links.

The url would be something like this:

Is it possible to add a folder (with a period as shown) and a file (which is JSON but doesn’t actually have any extension) that my app can reference? This file has to be on my own domain, otherwise it would be super-easy to host the folder and file anywhere.

If not, what might be my next best option? Perhaps I can export my website from Webflow, piece it together in VSCode, add the folder and file there, build with Docker and find a hosting service and deploy on my own? This is the long road and I really would prefer not to go this route.

I’m looking for the quickest, easiest solution possible.


Ha quickest and easiest is probably to pay for Subfold, which is a hosted reverse proxy SaaS. You’ll pay a monthly fee.

Second quickest and easiest is probably to hire me to build a custom reverse proxy for you on Cloudflare, using a tech stack I’ve built called Hyperflow.

One-time cost, no ongoing, will take me about a week given my current project commitments.

Beyond that, you’re looking at either building your own reverse proxy against a Webflow-hosted site- you can find some good starting-point resources here in the forum if you research enough. Or, you can export your site and host it somewhere that enables the upload of raw files.