Can form emails go directly to my client?

My client receives emails that notify her when an email has been submitted via a form on her site, but then I must log in to retrieve the emails for her.

Of course, she would like any emails submitted for her site forms to go directly to her inbox and eliminate me as the middle person. (I would like this, too!)

Does she really need to upgrade her plan to Professional in order to receive an email from her site once every few months?

@ktdid - you should be able to set up email notifications and include the {{ formData }} tag in the email body which will add any submitted form data to the email notification.

This is the body of the email. You can introduce variables from the form using the **{{ formData }}** syntax. HTML formatting is also allowed in the email.

Hi Sam,

You are speaking a foreign language to me. I don’t code. Can you dumb down any more? LOL Thanks!

@ktdid so in the project settings under Forms:

You’ll see settings for where the email notifications for forms go to and what information they contain:

You can comma separate multiple email addresses to send the form submissions to. And you can customize the body of the email, the {{formData}} tag in the email template area will include the data that was submitted to the form. You shouldn’t have to do any coding here, just enter the text you want the email body to contain and include any tags necessary, there are only four I believe:

siteName , formName , formData and formDashboardUrl to include them you need to wrap them in {{}}.

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