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Can anyone help with tabs please?

Hi everyone.
I’ve been using tabs to help with sizing charts and something bugs me.
Does anyone know a way to not only show content when you click on the menu item but to link you to it (like a regular page section linking) ?
On desktop it’s fine as it is but on mobile the tabs are super messy and illegible.
Here’s a preview of the concerned page.
Thanks a lot

Hi @Daphne_Choisnel,

Yes, tabs are great for a lot of interactions and content delivery, but I would not use them for any mobile delivery. If you need to show content in order, sequentially, or upon user click; I recommend building it from scratch and use custom interactions. Also, native tab components don’t allow the tab menus to be separated from the panels.

From scratch works better because you can control an entire content block’s movement, etc. For example: If you want to have a sub menu for categories of dogs, then each block can be moved off screen and shown when users click that respective button. This works for any device and on any platform.

Only thing needed is a landing block for that section because all the dog blocks will be off screen. Or you can start with block 1 showing.

Again, interactions or animation is always better from scratch with limited functionality on mobile. You don’t really need much since it’s such a small screen and content is the priority.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: