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Can anyone help install the Tripadvisor API?

Hello All,

I was recently granted API access to Tripadvisor as I wanted to add some data on hotels to a hotel template page. I didn’t really think it through thinking there would be loads of resources online to help but I am finding it really hard to even find out the basics on how this all works.

Does anyone know how I actually setup the API and how I call the data? Can it even be done within Webflow?

Any advice is welcome!


Anyon have any experience with this?

Hi @kevin.fogarty

If you could share the links that lead to the TripAdvisor documentation on how to implement what you’re looking for. This may make it easier for someone to offer their help.

Unfortunately it’s not something I’m familiar with.

Anything new on this, @kevin.fogarty ?

Hello @DomenVi

No I never got any further with this and would think my API access has expired now. Let me know if you have any luck!