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Callrail integration / Forms to different emails

Hello, fellow flowers!

I have a big client that essentially needs to have several different forms on their Webflow site submit the data to different emails. I know I can use Zapier for this. The other thing with these forms they use a software called Callrail to track the forms and traffic. I need a solution by this weekend to have these forms direct to different emails, while also tracking everything with Callrail.

Anyone have any solutions or has done this before. Can it be fully done with Zapier? or even an easier way.

Appreciate this community and looking forward to the help.

@JacobOlenick - where the form data gets emailed should have nothing to do with any tracking that is being done. Typically form / event tracking is done via JavaScript - I’m not sure on the specifics of CallRail’s form tracking, but usually form conversions will use the form name or the referring url to help you view which forms were completed in analytics.

@sam-g Yes, They need to track all the forms and the analytics of them. Callrail does this for them. We just need to have these two things happen. Whether it’s with custom code or a tool like zapier doesn’t really matter.

@JacobOlenick - have you placed the CallRail tracking script in the footer code?