Calling CMS content from outside of Dynamic List

Hey guys,

So I have set up a custom HTML search bar that has an autocomplete function where it shows suggestions from a data-list="" (insert keywords). Normally I would just “+ Add Field” but the search bar is outside of the dynamic list so I can’t just call driectly to the CMS to grab my keyword data.

How do I retreive data from the CMS from outside of the dynamic list? What is the proper reference to put inside of my data list HTML? I could just list out all of the keywords I created as sub categories in the CMS but I know there is probably a simple solution to call the CMS from inside of HTML.


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Hey moofawsaw, I think you managed to achieve exactly what I want to implement (see my post here. Could you give me the details on how you managed to do that? I’d be very interested. Thanks!

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I managed to achieve this following the steps here:

You can call the CMS items by adding the w-dyn-item to the end of the class (ex: myitem.w-dyn-item)

Thanks moofawsaw, we managed to figure it out!