CMS Search Problem - Please PLEASE HELP!

So here is the big problem… I am trying to create a search function for my CMS image library that will have autocomplete. I found this Jquery.ui library that give you a some code for autocomplete, and I was able to create a test page that searches through certain fields in the CMS, however, I would like to have that search persistent on all pages of my site, and if I insert the custom code into the site custom code section it runs, however, it is missing the CMS data to run on… so the issue is how to call the CMS data from any page without creating collections on each page???

Does anyone have any ideas?! I am very much stuck!!!

Please Help!!!

Here is the READ ONLY LINK

Anyone has any clues? suggestions? There must be a way to access your data without creating a cms collection - otherwise I can’t query it outside of the page where I have a collection…

I would look at using a json file as a datasource for your script. So the data could be pulled in on any page. You could created it from your collection data, then hosts it on a public URI. Of course you would need to update it when you added collection items or changed them.

Do you mean to say that I would have to host my CMS library outside of Webflow? can you please elaborate what would that mean “datasource” for the script?