Calc() integration

Is there ever going to be integration of the calc() function into dimensioning? Overall would make my life a lot easier.

Hi @dbtdbtdbt - Welcome to the forum. That is a great question. Some significant CSS functionalities are missing from the designer. CSS calc is a big one; another is no support for descendant selectors. Then there are CSS variables which would be a huge help. The lack of these alone creates many extra workflow and styling issues, leading to poor maintainability. Webflow has decided to instead focus on components.

In the Wishlist, you will see Support for CSS calc() | Webflow Wishlist, with over 1200 votes. You could add yours.

Here is one for CSS Variables which needs some love - Support for CSS variables & binding styles to the | Webflow Wishlist

Yeh WF offers not even have fundamental tools and as CSS moves fast forward in the last few years WF is way behind expectations of the modern tool that present itself as the best tool for “no-code” Design.

I was shocked when I saw it was added to the wishlist on 08 May, 2017 but not surprised. :rofl:

I just came across a need for this, basically I have a persistent left rail navigation that is 80px wide on desktop/tablet and the content block would be 100VW minus the 80px. I would like to know where exactly I put the calc() ‘code’ to get my content block to size accordingly. Where does it go (custom code on the page?) and how do I target a specific class to integrate that snippet? A bit lost…

Any help would be much appreciated.

hi @pminnelli I will recommend to create a new request and follow request guide !!! for your issue but you do not need calc() for this at first. At second how you will solve menu on mobile as 80px take 1/3 of mobile screen !

There are other approaches to set up nav you can study. You may look on “made with webflow” to find some inspiration.