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Webflow support for CSS "calc"

Hello and thank you for your support of this product.

I am considering using this product because our designers love it, however, there is one thing I tend to do with my sites that seems to be problematic for webflow. I would like to know if it is or will it ever be possible to use the CSS calc feature? I have found it useful in a variety of weird device settings and just curious if it is considered “bad practice” or if you haven’t gotten around to adding it yet? Or is it available somewhere and I am missing it?

Also extra points for any info on flex boxes :smile:

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Hi @partyk1d24 :smile:

Great questions! At this time, we do not have “calc” or “flexbox” support. But it is something we are looking to implement in the future. if you have time, please make a new thread about it on our “Wish list”:

Also, you can always put your own custom CSS/code in the head tag ( or export the code and do what you want with it (

Hope this helps

It does that is great info. I will just have to figure out how to integrate the webflow pages in separate but that shouldn’t be that hard.

Thanks again!

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