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Button's text not centered on mobile

Hi there!

So I built the v0.1 of my portfolio and I’m having a tiny issue.

On mobile, the button’s text isn’t centered. Although it is centered is webflow preview, it’s not in the published website. Can you help me?


Here is the editor link :

Hi @greg.jnn, thanks for the post. I took a look at the screenshots, thank you ! I was not exactly clear, are you referring to the vertical centering of the text?

If so, I believe this is a font specific rendering issue where the font bebasneue font is taller than the line height. I would set line height and font size to 25 px, then set the height on the button to 35px:


When I checked this with other fonts, those manual sizings for line height and font size and button height were not needed.

I hope this helps!

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the help, I was indeed referring to the vertical centering. The manual sizings didn’t work unfortunately.
I tried a workaround by adjusting the padding manually (8 on top and 5 on bottom). That’s not a clean solution but will be fine until the proper fix

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