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Image not centered, only on mobile portait view

The image is centered, in a container with text centered, everything looks fine until mobile portrait view, and the image becomes left aligned.

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Here you go.

There is really just a container and an image, so I’m not sure whats going wrong. Thanks!

It’s because on this device, your image is set to display:block instead of display:inline-block like for the other devices and Desktop.

You have two solutions to center an image, either display:inline-block and a text centering property on the parent container, or display:block, margins right and left Auto. For the second solution, there is a shortcut on Webflow UI (shortcuts are very rare on Webflow UI):

Doh! I knew it was that simple. Thanks.

Hey I also had a “doh” moment when someone pointed me to the button :smiley: