Align text and button

Hello everybody,

My question seems simple but I can’t find the answer.

I’m trying to center a button and to have it justified with the text over it but it’s always a bit on the side.
It’s in the section 6. The blue button is not centered with the thumbs picto and the text under it.

It looks good on some previews, but when I publish my page, it’s never perfectly centered (as shown on the pic).

Do you have any idea of what I can do to solve that ?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Adrien75,

there are multiple ways to solve this:

1 You could put the “Div Block 36” into the grid and assign it to be three grid fields wide, taking up a whole column.

2 You could put both the grid and the button div into another div, then set the new parental div to be a flexbox with the horizontal center option active like this:


Hope this helped!


Did number 1 and it worked perfectly.

Thanks a lot !

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